How Quickly Can My Consignment Be Collected?

Here at Express Lane Couriers we have a strict policy which states "we can reach all collection points within 60 minutes" (UK Mainland only) So from when the original job is taken we aim to collect your consignment with 60 from then.

Can I Contact You if The Office is Closed?

Yes, infant we encourage as we believe 'all business is good business' whenever, wherever. So this is why we ensure that all the courier booking lines are diverted to one of our customer service staff member out of office hours. They will always be on hand to help you any time of the day.

What Size Van Will I Need To Book?

When you book your delivery it is essential that you know all the sizes and weight dimensions of your consignment. Our Fleet section can advise you on the average maximum available load sizes for each van size, however if you are still unsure please contact our customer service team and they will advise at the time of booking.

What Is The Policy When Things Go Wrong?

We understand that we can predict many of life little dramas and the courier business is no different. It is our policy to inform you of any major delays i.e. due to accidents, breakdowns etc. We have many of experience in the courier industry. Over this time we have probably learned to deal with most things which could go wrong. This being said we believe constant communication is the key to keeping everyone happy. 

I Don't Want My Customer To Know Job is Sub-contracted, Can You Help?

Yes, We understand that no single person can be everywhere, so when we undertake a job on behalf of another courier company, we ensure that if requested we remain dedicated to their privacy. We have a system to hide the collection address from the delivery address and vice versa, as well as blank PODs (proof of delivery) on arrival.

Would It Cost The Same To Send an Envelope as it Would a Pallet?

Yes, Because we send a vehicle direct from collection to delivery, the cost to us and you is the same, whether the van is full or empty. We do also charge more if the goods would need a larger vehicle.

Are My Goods Insured?

Yes 100%, All of the goods we collect our insured under our GIT (goods in transit) insurances no matter what van it is in. However there are a few exceptions such as Jewellery, Cash, White goods, Antiques/Works of art. If your goods are unusually valuable we may need to extend our cover it's important to let us know when booking. If you are in doubt ask our customer services team when booking.

Why Do You Ask For the Postcodes When Booking a Courier?

Our online computerised booking system operates on a postcode to postcode formula. It calculates the distances between these two postcodes and this is what you will be charged dependent on which vehicle size you need.

Customer Never Received Goods, Can You Help?

Yes, we are under strict obligation to collect and delivery from the delivery points stated when booking the job, only the person that originally booked the job can change these two points. This being said we have a written record of all deliveries we undertake with proof of who signed for the consignment, where and what time.

What if Theres a Change of Plan?

Changes to the original plan are fine, as long as we are contacted to let us know what these changes our then we can re-route our drivers with no problems at all.

How Do We Pay?

Our online booking system only allow for payment via Paypal™ from there all Major debit and credit cards will be accepted. For jobs booked outside of the website are payable using direct debit, credit card, debit card, BACs, CHAPS and Cheque.

Do i Bring the Parcel to You?

No, We will collect your parcel at a time which is convenient for you!